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  • Strong yet flexible conventions
  • Enterprise level control capabilities
  • Manageable and understandable builds
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Several books on Gradle been published with quite a few more currently in the making. Gradleware is proud to be partnered with O'Reilly for a three eBook series on Gradle. Each book offers value in a stand-alone manner, but book #2 builds on the DSL syntax foundations established in book #1. Book #3 is a set of recipes that uses Gradle as the demonstrative tool for enterprise build automation.

The O'Reilly books are authored by Matthew McCullough and Tim Berglund with insights and review from the core Gradle engineering team.

"Gradle in Action" from Manning publications is written by Benjamin Muschko, a member of the Gradleware engineering team and author of several popular plugins.

The book "Gradle Effective Implementation Guide" from Packt Publishing was written by Hubert Klein Ikkink.

Building and Testing with Gradle

Build and test software written in Java and many other languages with Gradle, the open source project automation tool that’s getting a lot of attention. This concise introduction provides numerous code examples to help you explore Gradle, both as a build tool and as a complete solution for automating the compilation, test, and release process of simple and enterprise-level applications.

The first of these three books was launched in July of 2011 and is 80 pages of the foundations of Gradle as written by Tim Berglund and Matthew McCullough. It offers descriptions and examples that reinforce the Gradle message that the tool can be approachable for build users while still offering great flexibility and power to build masters.

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Purchase the book from O'Reilly.

Gradle in Action

Gradle in Action is a comprehensive guide to end-to-end project automation with Gradle. Starting with the basics, this practical, easy-to-read book discusses how to build a full-fledged, real-world project. Along the way, it touches on advanced topics like testing, continuous integration, and monitoring code quality. You'll also explore tasks like setting up your target environment and deploying your software.

  • A comprehensive guide to Gradle
  • Practical, real-world examples
  • Transitioning from Ant and Maven
  • In-depth plugin development
  • Continuous delivery with Gradle

Purchase the book from Manning Publications.

Gradle Effective Implementation Guide

This book is a great introduction and reference for using Gradle. The Gradle build language is explained with hands on code and practical applications. You learn how to apply Gradle in your Java, Scala or Groovy projects, integrate with your favorite IDE and how to integrate with well-known continuous integration servers.

  • Create Gradle build scripts from clear examples
  • Write build logic with the Gradle build language
  • Compile, test and check your Java, Scala and Groovy applications
  • Write your own custom tasks and plugins
  • Use Gradle on continous integrations servers Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo
  • Integrate Gradle with Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA

Purchase the book from Packt Publishing.

Gradle Beyond The Basics

If you’re familiar with Gradle’s basics elements—possibly through the author’s previous O’Reilly book, Building and Testing with Gradle—this more advanced guide provides the recipes, techniques, and syntax to help you master this build automation tool. With clear, concise explanations and lots of ready-to-use code examples, you’ll explore four discrete areas of Gradle functionality: file operations, custom Gradle plugins, build lifecycle hooks, and dependency management.

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Gradle: Modernes Build-Management - Grundlagen und Praxiseinsatz

This first german Gradle book written by Joachim Baumann is for both, software developer and operation engineers, that are interested in automating there build, release and deployment process with Gradle. This book is packed with examples and real world scenarios to cover the essentials of Gradle:

  • Fast introduction in Gradle basics
  • mastering complex software projects
  • Ant and Maven Integration strategies
  • CI Server Integration

Purchase the book from Dpunkt Publishing.

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