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Automation Evolved

  • Strong yet flexible conventions
  • Enterprise level control capabilities
  • Manageable and understandable builds


Active Developers

  • Hans Dockter (Founder and Project lead)
  • Adam Murdoch
  • Szczepan Faber
  • Daz DeBoer
  • Peter Niederwieser
  • Luke Daley
  • Steve Appling
  • Rene Groeschke

Past Developers

  • Steven Devijver
  • Tom Eyckmans
  • Russel Winder


Our thanks to Dan Allen, Chris Beams, Steve Ebersole, Stefan Groschupf, Dierk König, Ken Krugler, Guillaume Laforge, Jason Porter, Graeme Rocher for their ideas or support.


Gradle would like to acknowledge Groovy and Apache Ant as key enabling technologies

Tools & Infrastructure

Thanks to the following companies for providing development infrastucture.

Successful Gradle Users