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Automation Evolved

  • Strong yet flexible conventions
  • Enterprise level control capabilities
  • Manageable and understandable builds


This page is work in progress and is far from complete regarding all the great Gradle resources out there. We are working on making this page as complete as possible. You can let us know via the forum if you know a resource we should add to this page.


Have a look at the documentation at


Hands-on training by Gradleware is available online, at popular conferences, in public, and private classes.


  • Rocking the Gradle at San Francisco JUG - by Gradle founder Hans Dockter (October 2012). One of the best available introductions into Gradle.
  • Breaking Open: Gradle - An interview (October 2012) about Gradle and Gradleware, its history, motivation and challenges. With Gradle founder Hans Dockter and Aleksandar Gargenta.
  • Resources from

    Gradleware provides a growing number of free, registration only, resources at

    • Building and Testing with Gradle - Free online HTML version of the O'Reilly Gradle book by Tim Berglund and Matthew McCullough.
    • The Gradle Wrapper - Screencast by Matthew McCullough explaining the Gradle Wrapper.
    • The Gradle Roadmap - Webinar (June 2012) by Gradle founder Hans Dockter where he discusses the Gradle roadmap with the Gradle community.


    Have a look at the book page at

    Other Screencasts

    • Gradle JS Intro HD - by Eric Wendelin (June 2012) on how you can use the Gradle JS Plugin to optimize JavaScript for small websites.

    Articles and Magazines


    • Gradle Goodness - A blog post series with 45 entries an growing. Hubert Klein Ikkink (better known as Mr. Haki) uses small Gradle code snippets to either explain various Gradle goodies or to offer best practice advise for various Gradle use cases.

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