Happy New Lunar Year! 2023 was a great year for Gradle Build Tool. Let’s recap the key updates close

Advanced Dependency Management
Note: Live training sessions are paused as we are working on self-paced training.
Live training sessions will resume next year.


Ensuring consistent usage of dependencies across an organization can be challenging. In this training we will go over dependency management features in the Gradle Build Tool that allow you to publish version catalogs and dependency constraints that can be used by teams to ensure compliance and consistency. We will also explore how you can ensure the authenticity of dependencies.


2.5 hours


This class is designed for developers and build engineers who want to learn how to fine tune their dependencies using the Gradle Build Tool.



  1. Cover scenarios for dependency management at scale
  2. Hands-on exercises to reinforce learning

Course Outline

  • Scaling Up
    • Publishing and sharing Version Catalogs
    • Platforms
  • Dependency verification
  • Repository content filtering
  • Centralizing repository definitions