Happy New Lunar Year! 2023 was a great year for Gradle Build Tool. Let’s recap the key updates close

Gradle Build Tool Configuration Organization
Note: Live training sessions are paused as we are working on self-paced training.
Live training sessions will resume next year.


Large software projects may consist of many components, each with its own configuration. Managing the growing configuration can be challenging and if not done correctly lead to misconfiguration and frustration. Also often there will be common configuration and dependencies for these components.

In this training we will cover best practices on how to organize build configuration for large software projects. We will dive into details of Gradle Build Tool features that make it easier to manage shared configuration and dependencies. These will not only make it easier to manage configuration for large software projects, but also improve build performance.


2.5 hours


This class is designed for Build Engineers and Software Developers who want to learn how to better manage Gradle Build Tool configuration for large software projects.



  1. Deeper understanding of shared build configuration
    - Including historical development
  2. Best practices for performance and maintainability
  3. Hands-on exercise to reinforce learning

Course Outline

  • Shared build configuration
    • Script compilation & duplicate configuration
    • allproject/subprojects
    • Initial buildSrc feature
    • Included builds, aka composite builds
    • Improvements to buildSrc
  • Custom task best practices
  • Next steps