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JVM Builds with Gradle Build Tool
Note: Live training sessions are paused as we are working on self-paced training.
Live training sessions will resume next year.


Build systems have evolved over time to provide more features to developers. In this course we will go beyond the basics of managing JVM based projects with the Gradle Build Tool. We will cover best practices that increase the quality and efficiency of building your projects.

We will cover how these best practices can be used for projects written in Java, Kotlin, Groovy and Scala. There will be hands-on exercises to help you use what you learn in your projects.


4 hours


Users that manage projects written in Java, Kotlin, Groovy and Scala with the Gradle build tool.



  1. Deeper understanding of JVM projects
  2. Use modern best practices to boost productivity
  3. Hands-on exercises to reinforce learning

Course Outline

  • Gradle JVM plugins
  • Source organization
  • Compilation
  • Verification
    • Testing
    • Compliance & code quality
  • Packaging