Learn how to develop your own standalone Gradle Build Tool plugins in our free training! close

Gradle Build Tool Plugin Development

Authoring plugins to share your work with the Gradle community.


The Gradle Build Tool has a plugin framework that allows you to package reusable pieces of build logic that can be applied to different independent projects. You can author plugins to share new tasks, conventions as well as extend existing functionality.

By the end of this training you will learn how to develop, test and publish your own Gradle plugins.


2.5 hours training session.


This class is designed for Gradle Build Tool users that want to author their own plugins.


  • Gradle Build Tool experience including:
    • Understanding of core Gradle build concepts
    • Authoring and editing build files
    • Working with convention plugins (either buildSrc or includeBuild)
  • Some experience developing in Kotlin


Learn how to develop maintainable Gradle plugins.

Course Outline

  • Preview of today‚Äôs Plugin
  • Anatomy of a Gradle Plugin
  • Setup for a new Plugin
  • Developing the Plugin
    • Define configuration using an Extension
    • Initialize other Configuration
    • Add a custom Task
  • Publishing
  • Next Steps