Buildship: official Gradle support for Eclipse

Developed by the creators of Gradle, Buildship is a set of plugins to integrate your Gradle build into Eclipse. Buildship makes Eclipse more powerful by providing a very deep integration of Gradle into the IDE, allowing you to do more right from within the IDE.

        • Gradle Inc. is a member of the Eclipse Foundation.
        • Buildship is part of Eclipse Mars, Neon, and all future Eclipse releases.
        • Buildship is pre-bundled in the Java, Committer, and RAP/RCP distributions.
  • Project Creation

    The ability to create a new Gradle project right from within Eclipse.

  • Project Import

    Project import functionality to import a Gradle project into Eclipse

  • Task View

    Gradle Task View to see, sort, filter and execute tasks

  • Console View

    Console Views to see the messages produced while running a Gradle build

  • Execution Progress View

    Execution Progress View to visualize in Buildship the progress of running a build through Gradle

  • Test Execution

    Execution of tests launched from Eclipse and run by Gradle.