Video Use Case: Migrating a Large C++ Codebase Enterprise Wide to Gradle

Talking points include:

  • The requirements gathering and decision-making process
  • Migration Plan and Strategy
  • What has been achieved already
  • A review of Unity’s Open Source collaboration with the Gradle core engineers

Do it Yourself: Free Resources to Start your Native Project

Watch Gradle and C/C++ Workshop Part 1 above

Click HERE to watch Part 2 of the workshop

Learn Fast: Professional Training Course Advanced Fundamentals C/C++

  • Build a C/C++ application and library
  • Create multiple versions of your application (debug, release) for multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, etc).
  • Describe your software product in Gradle’s build domain language.
  • Learn how to deal with complex build requirements.
  • Learn how to deal with multi-project builds.
  • Get to ask questions to a Gradle Core Developer!