The latest nightly build was uploaded 18th January 2017.


The documentation for the nightly build can also be viewed online.

The Gradle project publishes a nightly “snapshot” build, incorporating the day’s changes. These builds can be used for testing the latest cutting edge fixes, experimentation, or for getting early access to a bug fix that has not yet made it into a stable release.

The nightly builds have always passed the same full automated test suite that is applied to stable builds, but certain features may lack polish or stability. Moreover, unreleased features that are present in one nightly build are not guaranteed to be available in the next one. The Gradle development team offers no guarantees as to the stability or suitability of the nightly builds.

The version number assigned to the nightly build does not necessarily reflect the version number of the next Gradle release.

Use With Gradle Wrapper

To use the nightly via the Gradle wrapper you can either update your wrapper properties file (at $projectDir/gradle/ by default) to contain:


Or you can run the Wrapper task from the commandline:

gradle wrapper --gradle-version 3.5-20170118000012+0000

Then execute gradle wrapper to update the wrapper files.