Maximizing Developer Productivity with Gradle Enterprise

Learn how to leverage Gradle Enterprise to maximize developer productivity with Gradle through hands-on examples and live Q&A.

Available Sessions


Developers are under pressure to release software more and more often. It doesn’t take much for builds to become slow and unreliable due to increasing complexity and regressions. Not to mention, that debugging build issues is expensive, time consuming and results in unnecessary friction amongst your engineering team.

Gradle Enterprise is a product that enables your build team to shrink build times by 50%-90% at a 5-8X ROI, delivering millions of dollars in annual R&D savings.

Build engineering teams in general could benefit from being more data-driven. It’s no surprise, the most successful software teams on the planet build tens of thousands of times a day with a fast, reliable build infrastructure.

The first step towards improving productivity is to assess the impact of your builds. If you’d like some insight and recommendations, register for our Maximizing Developer Productivity with Gradle Enterprise training.

This class demonstrates many of the powerful features of Gradle Enterprise. It also contains hands-on lab exercises focused on publishing and interpreting build scans, adding custom data to build scans, doing data analytics, and using the Gradle Enterprise build cache.


2-hour training session followed by 30-minute Q&A.


Build masters and developers with build responsibility or interest in builds.


This course requires a good understanding and working experience with Gradle.


After this training the participants will be able to:

  • Configure projects to use the Gradle Enterprise build cache
  • Publish customized build scans
  • Analyze and compare build scans
  • Analyze build data extracted via the Export API

Course Outline


  • What is Gradle Enterprise?

Build Cache

  • Build cache overview
  • Understanding build cache architecture & topology
  • Lab: Configure a project to use the Gradle Enterprise build cache

Build Scans

  • Build scans overview
  • Adding your own data to build scans
  • Integrating with external tools
  • Lab: Configure a project to publish customized build scans
  • Fixing failures faster
  • Comparing build scans
  • Lab: Use build scans to identify problems

Build Analytics

  • Enhancing build performance proactively with the Build Performance Dashboard
  • Lab: Use the Build Scan UI to discover pain points in your builds
  • Diving deeper into the data with the Export API
  • Integrating with BI tools and other platforms via the Export API
  • Lab: Use the Export API to prioritize improvements

Wrap Up

  • Documentation and Resources
  • Free Gradle Enterprise Trial