Maximizing Developer Productivity with Gradle Enterprise

Learn how to leverage Gradle Enterprise to maximize developer productivity with Gradle through hands-on examples and live Q&A.

Available Sessions


Gradle Enterprise is a commercial offering that enhances and complements the usage of Gradle. It is a centralized installable within your firewall, that enables more productive, happier developers and build teams, bringing remarkable savings and a competitive advantage to your organization.

This class demonstrates many of the powerful features of Gradle Enterprise. It also contains hands-on lab exercises focused on publishing and interpreting build scans, adding custom data to build scans, doing data analytics, and using the Gradle Enterprise build cache.


2-hour training session followed by 30-minute Q&A.


Build masters and developers with build responsibility or interest in builds.


This course requires a good understanding and working experience with Gradle.


After this training the participants will be able to:

  • Configure projects to use the Gradle Enterprise build cache
  • Publish customized build scans
  • Analyze and compare build scans
  • Analyze build data extracted via the Export API

Course Outline


  • What is Gradle Enterprise?

Build Cache

  • Build cache overview
  • Understanding build cache architecture & topology
  • Lab: Configure a project to use the Gradle Enterprise build cache

Build Scans

  • Build scans overview
  • Adding your own data to build scans
  • Integrating with external tools
  • Lab: Configure a project to publish customized build scans
  • Fixing failures faster
  • Comparing build scans
  • Lab: Use build scans to identify problems

Build Analytics

  • Enhancing build performance proactively
  • Lab: Use the Build Scan UI to discover pain points in your builds
  • Diving deeper into the data with the Export API
  • Integrating with BI tools and other platforms via the Export API
  • Lab: Use the Export API to prioritize improvements

Wrap Up

  • Documentation and Resources
  • Free Gradle Enterprise Trial