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Dogfooding automation Continuous delivery practices at Gradle: Gradle Summit 2015 Video

This session is an exploration of the how the Gradle Inc. team automates the delivery of the Gradle project, as a case study in different automation practices, techniques and approaches.

It will discuss concerns such as development environment setup, automated testing infrastructure, build pipelines, releasing, documentation and more.

Effective companies and teams do more with less, and automation is a vital ingredient to this. As developers we are accustomed to the idea of build automation through build & continuous integration systems that compile, test & deploy our software. However, the production of software is typically only one of the concerns of a team or company. There are many auxiliary processes that can equally benefit from the rigour, repeatability and cheap labour of automation.

Gradle Inc. – the company behind the Gradle build automation tool – has automation in its DNA, and applies it to everything that it does. In this session, we’ll discuss and showcase different examples of the kind of automation the team @ Gradle Inc. have developed to support the development of Gradle and its documentation, the online presence, user support, business processes and other aspects. The ideas discussed will invigorate participants to see new opportunities for automation in their endeavours.