Groovy for Gradle

Groovy for Gradle Users

Groovy For Gradle Users by Luke Daley and Perryn Fowler:

Gradle build scripts are written in Groovy, a popular general-purpose scripting language for the JVM. This session equips you with the Groovy knowledge needed to gain a deeper understanding of Gradle, and make the most out of its build language and APIs.

Leveraging Groovy’s powerful language features, Gradle makes it possible to use a declarative programming style for the bulk of the build script, and the flexibility of a modern scripting language where needed. Unsurprisingly, a working knowledge of Groovy is key to a deep understanding of Gradle, its build language and APIs. Besides, Groovy is an excellent choice for writing Gradle tasks and plugins. In this session, you will learn all the Groovy that is needed to be successful with Gradle. And who knows, maybe it will inspire you to use Groovy in other areas as well.

Gradle Summit:

Gradle Summit is the world’s first conference for the award-winning Gradle open source build automation tool. If you are new to Gradle or if you already use Gradle, you can’t afford to miss this unique opportunity. Gradle Summit is the perfect place for new users to learn Gradle quickly and for existing users to understand advanced
use cases.