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Leveraging Gradle and the Jenkins Job DSL for a CI Pipeline at Mutual of Omaha

Scott will address the Continuous Integration methodology and toolchain of Mutual of Omaha

In this session, I will cover the approach taken at Mutual of Omaha for providing a Continuous Integration tool chain that encapsulates company standards and conventions, while still making it easy to customize builds when needed. In this session, you will learn how Mutual of Omaha has applied much of the information seen in past presentations by Gary Hale on the Gradle Jenkins Plugin and Justin Ryan on the Jenkins Job DSL plugin.

First, we’ll look at an overview of how Mutual of Omaha is using Gradle and Groovy to construct a build pipeline that integrates
Jenkins, Artifactory, Subversion and JIRA, including our suite of custom Gradle plugins that capture conventions specific to Mutual of Omaha builds. Building on that, I’ll cover how Mutual of Omaha is using the Gradle-Jenkins plugin to define our Jenkins build jobs in Gradle. Finally, I’ll walk through the Groovy code for our custom Groovy Category that uses Jenkins Job DSL to capture the corporate conventions our Jenkins jobs, while still exposing the Jenkins Job DSL plugin to allow for easy job customization.