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Gradle support can be purchased alongside a Gradle Enterprise subscription.


Gradle Inc. has a vast and unique experience when it comes to enterprise build infrastructures and continuous delivery. We are looking forward to get in contact with you to understand your situation and needs. We will propose a solution that we think makes sense for you, including connecting you with a professional services partner.

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Consulting Partners

Our service partners can help you with:

  • Build migration
  • Build Review
  • Plugin development
  • Tooling integrations (IDE, CI, Version Control, Artifact Repository)
  • Performance profiling
  • Gradle Build/Remote Cache Setup and Rollout
  • Gradle Enterprise Setup and Rollout

As home to the Grails web application framework, our team includes top JVM experts from around the globe. Our engineers have been using Gradle since 2009 and have vast experience leveraging Gradle as an integral part of the software lifecycle. This ensures superior quality, operational efficiency, and extensibility to adapt to future demands. Our full lifecycle software engineering capabilities span multiple business and technology domains, including real-time, embedded, large-scale, integrated, and distributed systems, to modern web, mobile, and cloud-enabled applications. Mentoring and knowledge transfer are core to our service delivery, helping improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ teams. Contact us today to speak to one of our Gradle-certified engineers.

SUM Global’s approach to IT Consulting is different. We won’t bring a large team of consultants who you will be paying to learn…Our teams are seasoned and experienced and ready to help you achieve your goals. Our staff are pragmatic and focused on getting you the results you need. That’s why some of the most well-known companies in the world trust us with their mission critical projects.

SUM Global was founded with the idea that small, highly-qualified teams using industry best practices could develop software more efficiently than large, difficult to coordinate, and inconsistently staffed consulting organizations. We find that to be just as true now, twelve years later, as it was when we first started out.

Our consultants bring decades of experience and vision to engagements that help our clients succeed. We bring the latest technologies, like Gradle, architecture, processes and design principals to every engagement but we are experienced enough to know the difference between changes that benefit your company and change for the sake of change.

At SUM Global we always put the customer’s needs first and strive to leave value behind in every engagement. We are proud to be a Gradle Services Partner. SUM Global has many years of experience with Gradle. Our initial Gradle project was during the release candidate days. Since then, SUM Global has used Gradle for multiple build migrations, created continuous integration pipelines and builds on numerous customer engagements.