Gradle Build Tool Professional Services



Gradle Build Tool support can be purchased alongside a Develocity subscription.


Gradle Inc. has a vast and unique experience when it comes to enterprise build infrastructures and continuous delivery. We are looking forward to get in contact with you to understand your situation and needs. We will propose a solution that we think makes sense for you, including connecting you with a professional services partner.

Contact Us

For build tool questions, we recommend posting your question to the Gradle forums. For questions on private training, Develocity, and more, contact us here.

Consulting Partners

Our service partners can help you with:

  • Build migration
  • Build Review
  • Plugin development
  • Tooling integrations (IDE, CI, Version Control, Artifact Repository)
  • Performance profiling
  • Gradle Build/Remote Cache Setup and Rollout
  • Develocity Setup and Rollout

I am Jendrik Johannes, a former Gradle Build Tool engineer, and Gradle Fellow; I know most Gradle features by heart. Before starting as a consultant and trainer, I worked on the Gradle Build Tool directly from version 3 to version 7. I can help with:

  • Trainings on any Gradle Build Tool topic.
  • Modernizing a project for better maintainability and faster builds.
  • Starting a new project with a structure ready for growth.
  • Migrating a project to the Java Module System.
  • Migrating from Ant/Maven.
  • Resolving your individual Gradle Build Tool issues.
Whatever Gradle-related support you require, do not hesitate to contact me to chat about how I can help you most efficiently.

As home to the Grails and Micronaut frameworks, our team includes top JVM experts from around the globe. Our engineers have been using Gradle Build Tool since 2009 and have extensive experience leveraging it as an integral part of the software lifecycle. This ensures superior quality, operational efficiency, and extensibility to adapt to future demands. Our full-lifecycle software engineering capabilities span multiple business and technology domains, including real-time, embedded, large-scale, integrated, and distributed systems, to modern web, mobile, and cloud-enabled applications. Mentoring and knowledge transfer are core to our service delivery model, helping improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ teams. Contact us today to speak to one of our Gradle-certified engineers.

TNG Technology Consulting

TNG Technology Consulting is a value-based consulting partnership focused on high end information technology. We support our customers with state-of-the-art tools and innovative ideas. Our mission is to analyze and solve the strategic or routine IT problems our customers have. By relying on teamwork and fast communication, each customer can access the whole pool of company expertise. We hire only the best experts. Our people have the freedom to grow and the responsibility to do so. We believe that a rational cooperation between ourselves and our customers is both achievable and mutually beneficial. We help our clients with expertise, reviews and active project work, in particular in and around Munich. A major part of our projects is related to Java, and in this context Gradle Build Tool has been our favorite build system for several years. Thus we can provide sound advice and ongoing support in this area as well.