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Automation Evolved

  • Strong yet flexible conventions
  • Enterprise level control capabilities
  • Manageable and understandable builds


The Gradle project goes to much effort to produce top quality documentation. The documentation itself is built by Gradle and all code snippets and samples are automatically tested with each change to the Gradle codebase, ensuring the documentation is always correct and up to date.

User Guide

The User Guide (multi page HTML, single page HTML and PDF) dicusses Gradle concepts, features and core plugins in depth. It also contains tutorials and installation instructions. It also contains tutorials on performing common tasks and installing Gradle.

Of course, don't forget about the O'Reilly Gradle book series.

Reference Material

The primary reference source is the DSL Reference which provides a consolidated view of the Gradle build DSL which you will use when writing build scripts (which makes it a great page to bookmark).

There are also the Javadoc and Groovydoc API references which can be helpful when delving deeper to develop your own custom build plugins and build language.

Previous Releases

The documentation links above and to the right are for the latest Gradle release (2.3). To view the documentation for previous releases, select the version number from the dropdown below to see the links (tip: you can bookmark these urls as they are unique to the Gradle version).

Successful Gradle Users